Fast Water Rafting

Fast Water Adventure

The Murray River is reliant on natural rainfall patterns and during winter months, water levels are suitable for fast water rafting. There are 2 small rapid features and the Grade 2 Island Pool rapid. There are a number of faster narrow channels. Island Pool rapid has good pedestrian access and rafters can exit the river after the rapid and carry the raft up the pathway and run the rapid again. Generally, allow for paddling speed at about walking pace, 3-4kms per hour.



Quick facts

  • 2 person raft provided
  • Drop off and pick up transport included
  • Depart 10.30am to 3pm finish.

The section from Yarragil to Bobs Crossing is generally suitable for confident paddlers. Parents will determine the suitability of their own children but it is common for an adult and a young child to do the tour. For cool weather it is important to maintain upper body warmth. Proper fitting wet suits are good although can be restrictive after long periods. Polypropylene thermal wear is very good. Avoid cotton as its thermal qualities are minimal and it stays wet and cold all day, even bare legs dry out quicker. Save your old smelly runners they are ideal for water activities. Bare feet or unsecured footwear is unsuitable. Have a change of clothes in your car at the end and be prepared to get wet.

Dwellingup Adventures

Dwellingup Adventures

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