Munda Biddi Trail

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The Munda Biddi Trail, meaning 'path through the forest' in the local Noongar Aboriginal language, is a world-class off-road cycling experience.  Starting in Mundaring, just outside of Perth, Western Australia, the trail meanders through scenic river valleys and the magnificent eucalypt forests of the State’s South West. It utilises a network of bush tracks, firebreaks and disused railway formations and has sections suitable for cyclists of all ages and experience levels.

Quick FActs

  • Section 2 Jarradale to Nanga is 106kms
  • EASY Suitable for beginner or novice mountain bikers
  • Autumn and Spring to experience the trail at it's best

About the trail

The Munda Biddi Trail, meaning 'path through the forest' in the local Noongar Aboriginal language, is a world-class off-road cycling experience. The Trail traverses Western Australia's Darling Range and Southern Forests through Eucalypt bushland, granite outcrops and unique wetlands โ€“ South-West WA is recognised as a global biodiversity hotspot, you will discover plants and wildlife found nowhere else.

There are few places in the world where a 1000km trail could be built through an undeveloped natural corridor. Every day on the Trail will be different - imagine riding through towering eucalyptus forests and pristine ancient bushland, past rolling farmland and wind-shaped coastal ecosystems. The Trail winds through relatively gentle terrain from Mundaring in the Perth Hills, to Albany on the South Coast. The surface on the northern half of the Trail is the distinctive red pea-gravel, whilst the southern forests have a combination of loamy soils and fine white sand. You can camp in purpose-built shelters on the Trail or stay in quaint country towns. Learn about Aboriginal culture and the rich heritage of the region as you visit the diverse attractions of South-West WA. The trail boasts year-round cycling weather, although summer can be extremely hot.

The Trail has something for everyone and is easily accessible by car, so you can begin your journey wherever convenient. Different sections of the Trail are suitable for cyclists of all abilities and pace. However to really enjoy the Trail, some mountain biking experience is recommended. The Trail is predominantly off-road, meaning you can enjoy the scenery whilst staying away from motorised vehicles.


Marrinup to Dwellingup is a 5km ride suitable for families and beginners.


Nanga to Bidjar Ngoulin campgroundย  is 12km.

To be classified as an End-to-Ender you need to have cycled the entire length of the Trail.

Section 2 - Jarrahdale to Nanga

The trail south of Jarrahdale continues to be hilly. Dandalup hut, some 34km from Jarrahdale, boasts spectacular view over the Swan Coastal Plain, all the way to the coast. Before Stage 2 reaches itโ€™s Southern terminus of Nanga, the Trail passes through Dwellingup.

Just south of Dwellingup, the Trail enters the Lane Poole Reserve. Section 3 of the Trail takes up here in Lane Poole Reserve and makes its way to the Bidjar Ngoulin hut. This lies 12.2km from Nanga and has a nearby stream and little waterfall.

In case of Emergencies

For all emergencies, contact emergency services on 000 however, do not rely on your mobile phone in the event of getting lost or injured as coverage is extremely unreliable on the Munda Biddi Trail. The Department of Parks and Wildlife recommends cyclists carry a personal locator beacon or similar. Remember to fill in the campsite log books and track town log books like the one at Dwellingup Trail and Visitors Centre as they may be useful in a search and rescue situation.


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