Nyingarn Bidi

Walk Nyingarn Bidi

Discover the enchanting Nyingarn Bidi, a trail that weaves seamlessly into the breathtaking Bibbulmun Track, offering a three-day, two-night loop hike that begins and ends in Dwellingup.

Along the trail, a harmonious blend of colours unfolds—a delicate palette of browns, blacks, and soft greens from the jarrah and yarri forest. As you continue, witness a picturesque transition to the deep greens of planted pines and the dappled whites and greys of eastern blue gums. Camping out under the stars, surrounded by the enchanting hues of sunset and sunrise, the Nyingarn Bidi offers an ideal getaway for a few days.


Quick FActs

  • Three-day, two-night loop hike begining and ending in Dwellingup
  • Total 49.5km, grade 4 hike - Bushwalking experience recommended
  • April to December is the best time to hike the Nyingarn Bidi and Bibbulmun Track

Walk Like An Echidna

The Nyingarn Bidi is more than just a bushwalk; it's a transformative trail where Nyingarn, the Noongar word for echidna, and Bidi, meaning path or trail, come together to create an unforgettable experience. Echidnas are an iconic Australian mammal with a covering of sharp spines, short but powerful limbs and large claws. These fascinating creatures spend most of their time digging and looking for food. They play a vital role in forest ecology, turning over and improving the soil beneath your every step.

During their active moments, echidnas gracefully waddle along at a leisurely pace. Moving with a deliberate ease, an unhurried journey along the Nyingarn Bidi provides the opportunity to appreciate the details of the landscape, from the earthy hues of the forest floor to the vibrant colours overhead.


Walking The Loop

Commencing in Dwellingup, walkers can undertake this Class 4 loop in either direction covering a total of 49.5km. This walk connects the Bibbulmun Track Chadoora Campsite with the Swamp Oak Campsite, providing a three-day, two-night loop walk. Each campsite has a three-sided timber shelter, rainwater tank, picnic tables, tent sites and pit toilets.

Dwellingup to Swamp Oak Campsite

Distance: 12.9km | Allow: 5 hours
The shortest but hilliest of the walking days. This is a great way to start or end your walking adventure as you pass through some radiata pine.

Swamp Oak to Chadoora Campsite

Distance: 16.9m | Allow: 6 hours
As you travel between the two Bibbulmun campsites the trail crosses Pinjarra-Williams Road, passes through a smooth-barked Sydney blue gum plantation and crosses over a remnant railway line. A gently undulating walk.

Chadoora Campsite to Dwellingup

Distance: 19.7km | Allow: 7 hours
The longest and flattest part of the trail, leaving or returning to Dwellingup. In areas you will follow the railway and walk past two sidings - Etmilyn and Holyoake - with the Hotham Valley Tourist Railway operating the line from Dwellingup to Etmilyn.

know before you go

Nyingarn Bidi Trail Marker
Follow the Waugal

The Nyingarn Bidi is signposted with rich tangerine coloured triangular markers featuring the Waugal, the rainbow serpent of the Aboriginal Dreaming. These are different to the yellow markers typically seen along the Bibbulmun Track.

The best times to walk the Nyingarn Bidi and Bibbulmun Track are spring through autumn. As a general rule, walking in the summer months is not recommended. In particular, the risk of bush fire in the Northern section is great. Plus, it is often too hot to be a pleasant experience. For a safe and enjoyable walk, always plan ahead. For example, wear appropriate clothing and footwear, take adequate food and water and be sure to check the weather and latest Track Conditions.

Camping icon
Group Camping

Groups of eight or more staying at the Bibbulmun Track campsites should complete a Group Notification. The notification assists in considering the needs and enjoyment of other track users by preventing overcrowding impacts at campsites. Find out more at bibbulmuntrack.org.au.


For Your Safety

For all emergencies, contact emergency services on 000. It is crucial to note that relying on your mobile phone in the event of getting lost or injured is not advisable, as coverage is unreliable on the Bibbulmun Track and Nyingarn Bidi.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife recommends walkers carry a personal locator beacon or similar. Also, remember to fill in the campsite log books and track town log book at Dwellingup Trails & Visitor Centre as they may be useful in a search and rescue situation.

The Planning and Safety information in the large fold out Bibbulmun Track Map contain essential information to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. The map can be purchased from the Dwellingup Trails & Visitor Centre or the Bibbulmun Track Foundation.

Prior to your visit, we encourage you to download the free Emergency+ app. This app can be invaluable in emergencies, allowing you to call for assistance. If there is no mobile phone coverage, you will not be able to call 000. The app will, however, provide you with your GPS location.

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