Anam Nua Gallery

Renew Your Spirit

Anam Nua Gallery stands as a sanctuary of soulful renewal. In the Celtic tradition, "Anam Nua" signifies a place of soul and renewal, and that's precisely the atmosphere this gallery exudes. Committed to sourcing and supplying only the highest quality, rare, and unique crystals and minerals, Anam Nua Gallery is a haven for those in search of nature's wonders. These exquisite treasures showcase craftsmanship from around the world. This Dwellingup showroom has an extensive range of mineral specimens, polished pieces, sacred geometry, crystal skulls, jewellery, monatomic andaras and so much more.


Quick facts

  • “Anam Nua” in Celtic means a place of soul and renewal
  • Explore high quality, rare and unique crystals and minerals from around the world
  • Choose a heartfelt gift or souvenir to take home

The passionate owner of this gallery, Stephen, has been a devoted collector of crystals and mineral specimens for over 35 years. His love for these natural wonders can be found in every facet of the boutique store. Every crystal you encounter has been personally handpicked by Stephen, and he takes the utmost care in selecting these treasures with a heartfelt and connected touch. For an exclusive experience, gather a group of friends and make a mid-week appointment. Additionally, Stephen is delighted to cater to specific requests, ensuring that you can find the perfect crystal to complement your unique taste and preferences. So, on your next visit to Dwellingup, take a moment to explore this extraordinary gallery and let the wonder of Earth's treasures inspire your soul.

Anam Nua Gallery

3 Sollya Crescent

Dwellingup WA 6213

+61 437 111 777

"Absolutely amazing crystals of the highest quality, and huge selection available. Great knowledge of crystals, and always very friendly."