The Red Shed

Timeless Treasures

In the old post office along the main street of Dwellingup town, there exists a hidden treasure trove for vintage aficionados and seekers of unique gifts. The Red Shed draws you in with an aura of nostalgia, as you step into a bygone era where every trinket has a story to tell. This enchanting vintage store specialises in vintage and antique goods, offering a delightful journey through the history with each glance. As you wander through the shop, you'll find that sometimes the smallest treasures bring the most joy, and within these crimson walls, every corner holds the promise of discovery.


Quick facts

  • Open 10am - 4pm, Saturday & Sunday
  • Hidden treasure trove for vintage aficionados
  • Stop past as you walk to the Forest Discovery Centre

In The Red Shed, you'll be captivated by the allure of vintage treasures and exquisite gift ideas. The store overflows with a vibrant array of items sourced from around the world, each possessing its own unique charm. Whether you're on a quest for the perfect gift for that special someone or someone notoriously hard to shop for, this haven of vintage wonder is sure to provide inspiration. So, set your imagination free and let your inner dreamer roam as you explore the timelessness that The Red Shed in Dwellingup has to offer. The Red Shed is a delightful pit stop as you stroll along the Emu Walk Trail en route to the Forest Discovery Centre.

The Red Shed

54 McLarty Street

Dwellingup WA 6213

"Beautiful store full of so much history! Absolutely loved coming in. A little hidden treasure in an amazing town."