‘Oar’some Days On The River – River Trails


A water corridor is the perfect description for the Murray River. In times past, the river played a significant role in the expansion of settlement into the region. Today, visitors flock to the river, drawn by the appeal of water and forest; the elements providing the basis of unending exploration on this corridor of adventure and discovery.

The Murray River flows through forested, high rainfall areas of the Darling Range. This 134kms water corridor is well utilised - and loved - with adventure activities such as canoeing, fast water rafting and mountain biking the flood plains being among the most popular. Most centre on the section of the river that traverses Lane Poole Reserve, which at 55 000 hectares is the largest state park in WA’s northern jarrah forest. After exploring and spending time in and around the Murray, it’s not hard to fall in love with the river and the endless waves of adventure it brings.

The seasonal changing characteristics of the river are what make it so popular and accessible all year around. In the warmer months, the lower levels and warmer temperatures provide a water experience for family and novice paddlers. Coming into the cooler months, the increased flow caters to the more adventurous with the upper section offering fast moving channels, some small rapids and deep pools. The middle to lower section provides white water experiences for rafters, fast water canoeists and kayakers. The upper section to Nanga Bridge has good road access on both sides which satisfies safety requirements and makes it an ideal location for educational use. Safe and secure access at key river locations, improvements in camp site facilities and an increased ranger presence provides a quality and memorable experience for all visitors. Whatever level you choose to dive in to, we guarantee you’ll love every moment.



The nearby Dwellingup Adventures offers a cocktail of adrenalin and discovery from the thrills of fast water rafting to a leisurely paddle and picnic. There’s pack and paddle options, where guests can safely leave their vehicle in Dwellingup and walk the 13kms to Swamp Oak Hut along the Bibbulmun Track. From here Dwellingup Adventures will meet you with your canoe the next morning and transfer your gear to town so you can enjoy the 6km paddle to Baden Powell Water Spout. Canoes, rafts and bikes can be hired too, along with all the camping equipment needed to enjoy the serenity of Lane Poole Reserve. With virtually a limitless menu of adventures on offer, all you need to splash into your river getaway, is your choice of how you’ll experience the Murray River!