Pump It Up On The NEW Murray Valley Bike Trails

That holy grail of the perfect consistency of soil moisture, soil makeup and perfect traction – that’s hero dirt. While Western Australian mountain bike trails are better known for the ball bearing gravel common to the jarrah forest, the trails in the Murray Valley near Dwellingup have a distinctive orange soil that provides the perfect conditions for hero dirt. Dedicated mountain bike trails like nowhere else, only a 90minute drive south of Perth!


Creating the distinctive mountain bike trails of Murray Valley has entailed the dedication and craft of three trail building companies, all with a common goal. A goal to create trail networks that welcome riders of all abilities, to create trails with flow and enough challenge to keep even the best riders inspired and leave everyone who takes to the dirt, with a beaming smile at the end of their ride.

The scenic forestscapes of Dwellingup add a special touch to the experience of adventuring the new trails. The early morning mist of the valley, blankets the trees and creates a surreal panorama of forest, river and the excitement of the trails that lay ahead on your path.

The skilled trail builders have worked tirelessly to bring the trails to life, working with the natural forms to accentuate the landscape, backdrop, slope and soil to create something truly special that everyone will love. The trails are fast and flowy with mostly moderate climbs and amazing scenery


Breathe It In

The Murray Valley Trails gives riders the opportunity to access previously unreachable views, to immerse them in the incredible natural surrounds and allow them to experience the best of the region through the adventure inspired, iconic trails here.

The only thing left to discover is how you will make the most of this mountain biker’s haven. Start planning your trip to some of the most thrilling bike trails in Western Australia, right here in Dwellingup.  Hero dirt here we come!