Work Up A Thirst - Dwelly Pub



After all the adventuring around the region, there’s no doubt you’ll be ready for a cold one at the local pub and to wind down after your big day! There’s no going past ‘The Dwelly,’ the local and only pub in Dwellingup, much loved by local and visitors alike!

The Dwellingup Community Hotel is the only remaining community owned hotel in Western Australia and has been open since the early 1900's, it was one of the few buildings that survived the massive bushfires of 1961.

Enjoy a delicious counter meal during the hours of 12.00pm - 2.00pm or come for dinner in the lounge or dining room between 6.00pm - 8pm. Here you can enjoy live music most weekends.

The Dwellingup Community Association which owns the hotel is a not for profit entity comprised of residents living within 15kms of the township. Funds generated by leasing the pub flow back into the community, renovating the kitchen of the Country Women’s Association, paying for jumpers for the local women’s footy team, and buying airfares for the community’s sports stars to attend and compete at interstate meets.



The Dwelly Pub is a cultural icon in the town, and rightly so. Wander through its beautifully restored rooms and you sense the past. Order a pint, and you’re plunged straight into the present with discussion about the immediate future swirling around you like cockatoos on a flowering marri. For many, the pub is the centre of Dwellingup’s culture, and indeed a connection to their piece of this country through the ebb and flow of life in a small town which passes through its one and only hotel.